Tiger VS Lion - Who are the Strongest - Live 138

Tiger VS Lion – Who are the Strongest

July 29, 2018

Who are the Strongest
Tiger’s VS Lion’s

It seems like you have no idea on how territorial is a tiger. A male won’t show mercy to any other male tiger trying to invade its territory. Each tiger has his own territory which can cover up to 100km² and even females have their own territories and they fight for them ferociously.

Tigers are better because they are lone hunters and don’t depend on others to hunt for them and they can take on cows and other big animals by themselves and sometimes fight sloth bears or just other bears and kill them by themselves. On a one on one male tiger vs male lion a lion only win because of its mane which will protect them from the tiger biting the neck and throat area but if the male lion didn’t have the mane then a male tiger would win. Overall I like both of the big cats but I think that tigers would be better. Sorry lions fan but say hi to the real King Of The Jungle because they live jungle.

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